New direction and commitment to the site…



New site direction

So I know that I have not really been an avid writer these past months, to be honest I think it might have been a year. I started to write my stories here and decided that they were meant for somewhere else. I also didn’t want my MMO site to be taken over by my posts about the story of my characters, and to be even more honest, I was playing WoW when my father in law died. It put a really sour taste in my mouth, because I realized how much time I really put into the game. It was sickening.

So with that said I think I’m going to take the site is a more news / impressions direction. With this being said I may also be doing more video’s for Youtube. This direction may take me away from writing the stories about my characters but sadly I just don’t have the time to invest into playing a game to that level while also writing about it.

What I have planned

I have a few games I’m playing right now that will be ready for impressions and soon and I think the first one will be written because honestly it’s the most in depth MMO I have ever played. The next few after that will be tried in Youtube format. I was thinking about doing a podcast but I’m not really sure how that would work since I don’t know that explaining a games system, graphics, sound etc.

I really can’t wait to get to my first impression piece on the game I have been putting my time into. It’s quite a bit different from the normal MMO’s that I play….


With that, I bid you farewell.