Can we have a different scenario?

Warcraft is a great game, it has many different plots that seem to have twists and turns just like any major theatrical masterpiece, this in turn is one of the main reasons Blizzard in my opinion has hit the nail on the head and deserves the attention that Warcraft gets. We consume the story and get swept up in it making us feel like we are part of this huge world that is always on the brink of a conflict and never truly having any time to just relax. We see the clear and present enemy when he/she is here and when revealed to be a completely different plot we swoon over it. This seems to be the tried and true of the Warcraft story, and why change it when it works? I for one do not mind the constant struggle (I mean it is called “World of Warcraft”) and I rather enjoy all the stories they portray With enemies like Kel’thuzad, Illidan, The lich king, Deathwing, etc. I even to some extent enjoyed the fact that we had an internal struggle with Garrosh and kind of flipped the script on ourselves (though Garrosh was not much more than the Horde version of Arthas A.k.A. The lich king). This brings me to my next idea though.


(I am not aware of the last boss in Legion nor the true plot and story so I will leave that out for now)
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