Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

I am a great fan of AutoHotkey and it’s amazing ability to turn my mouse and keyboard into a well built gaming mouse and keyboard (though I have a gaming keyboard some of the extra keys are very hard to get to with the “qwes” movement control.

I have devised a few simple scripts for AutoHotKey and will give you the code as well as a link to directly download a standalone EXE.

There are two way to go about this you can either download the scripts I have written as standalone executable files or if you wish to write your own scripts you need to download AutoHotKey.

AutoHotKey Tutorial

Once you have downloaded AutoHotKey the rest is a breeze. There is a list of key commands here. You will need a basic text editor (basic is a requirement) such as notepad or notepad++ (if you must use a fancy editor). DO NOT USE WORD!

Open your text editor and type the following:

In your text editor click on the file / save as option and save this file as example.ahk (Make sure to add the .ahk so that the editor knows it is saving an AutoHotKey file.) Now find where you Saved the file and double click it to run. look in your task bar you should see this.

Now open another text file and press the side buttons on your mouse while the cursor is on the text file. You will notice that they now act as your Q and E keys! It is that simple.

Advanced AHK scripts

This script will allow you to use a mouse that has a left and right tilt on the mouse wheel button to dodge in one motion.

When pressing the mouse wheel to the left you will send a double tap of the Q button which will make you dodge left and when you press the wheel to the right it will give you a double tap of E which will dodge right.

Play around with AutoHotKey as it has limitless capabilities.


Quick Dodge (as seen above)


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